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Sooo. Give us a finger and we'll take the whole hand. You've just confirmed you're doing Kitty & Illyana: Monster Hunters. Can you give us a time frame? Is it too early to start hyperventilating? Will it be in one of the regular books? There is no reaction gif that can adequately convey my anticipation.



really? Not even this awesome Charles Xavier versus Peter Quill gif :-)

 you will never see that movie the same again

 and if you guys don’t know what he’s talking about in this question

it is from this juicy pile of yummy that we just dropped



Artist: Ronnie del Carmen
Source: All-New X-Men #25

Made a little bit of a wallpaper.

Now I’ll stop posting the same image (at least for today).

This is happening.

(Fingers crossed Ronnie del Carmen can come back to draw any part of it.)

Fokken has a question about Illyana and possible future focus on the character.

I love what you’ve done with Illyana. Might there be any focused issues/arcs in her near future?

Yes. #1, I’m a big enough of a whore that I’m going to make the Kitty/Illyana monster hunter pinup in “All-New X-Men” #25 a reality. Everybody who saw it went, “You should do that!” I should do that! So yes, and there will be a reunion with Colossus, even though admitting that Colossus is coming to the book on any level is breaking my rule on Tumblr. There’s a lot going on with her. Her powers and her training with Doctor Strange, which I’m a big fan of. A lot’s going to happen. Her perspective on some of the things that Scott Summers is going to do may make her have a change of heart about where she is and why she’s doing what she’s doing.


Oh yes.



Everyone deluge Marvel and Bendis with requests to make it an ongoing and order ten copies when the story happens.

Artist: Christopher Fokken

FYI: The official name for this ‘ship is Ramsputin. Just so everyone knows and there is no confusion when the Ramsputin/Katyana shipping wars break loose.


 - All-New X-Men #29


A memorable image of Magik’s first encounter with the Enchantress in New Mutants Special Edition #1, by Art Adams and Terry Austin #X-Men #Marvel


Phoenix Five: Colossus and Magik vs Thor by Adam Kubert

Thor deserved it.


Darkchilde, by Stacey Lee, commissioned at Special Edition NYC 2014.

@kindachinese #Magik #XMen #Marvel

Artist: Stuart Immonen
Source: All-New X-Men #18

Just rereading some All-New, and look at that, STILL the best ever, this page.



From Boston Comic Con, 2014. Pen & ink on 9x12” bristol board.


Did I mention this comic is completely soul destroying.

Did I mention this comic is completely soul destroying.


Did I mention this comic is completely soul destroying.